Studio 35


Studio 35 started as a passion project of mine born out of my love for beautiful stationery. I began by making birthday cards for friends and family and realized how much joy personalized stationery brought me. I soon realized I wanted to share the love with other people in my community so I decided to open an online store called Studio 35. 

Studio 35 Logo (thumbnail)-01.png

logo breakdown



Studio 35 is named after the number of the apartment I grew up in, which is where I first expressed an interest for art and design. The type is a custom monoline script and it adds a nice playfulness. 



The symbol is the old faithful HB pencil, which can also be interpreted as the universal tool for writing and drawing. HB pencils were always a part of my creative process and they still are today. 


Finished logo

Studio 35 is a boutique because historically boutiques emphasize personal attention to the customer and I wish for all my future customers to feel special. The type framing the wordmark and symbol provides extra context.

logo application

Business cards

thank you cards