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It's so nice to meet you!

I am a recent graduate from the York Sheridan program in design. My passion for design stems from a love of drawing that I have had all my life. I am most inspired by the little things in life and I hope to spread some joy through work that feels accessible, inviting and fun. When not working, doodling or day dreaming you can find me in a coffee shop looking for the perfect frothy cappuccino.

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Storytelling is a very important aspect of my work. I believe that the narratives I create alongside my projects are what allows people to observe my work in the context of the experience it evokes rather than looking at a single product. This shift in focus, from product to experience, is what encourages people to explore my work from their own perspectives and find their own ways to relate to it. This also becomes an interesting and challenging process for me, as I find myself constantly looking for ways to create layers of meaning that enhance the experience I am aiming to present to my audience. I consider all of my projects an opportunity to learn something new and I am not afraid to experiment with methods and materials I have not  tried before. 

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