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Al Dente


Al Dente aims to transport food connoisseurs to rural Italy through a unique packaging experience. This authentic Italian pasta is delivered in a beautiful hand embroidered linen bag that keeps it fresh and provides a more sustainable alternative to classic pasta packaging.   

Al dente-01.jpg

Package Development


PASTA shape





finished product

The first challenge of the project is choosing pasta types with interesting shapes that are widely available and popular to North American audiences.

All pasta shapes are native to different regions of Italy and are determined by the tools available to the pasta maker and inspired by the natural environment of the region.

Since a lot of pasta shapes are inspired by plants combining the two creates an enticing visual narrative and offers background information about the product in a story-like manner. 

The finishing touch lies in the different colours of the bags which showcase the best sauce pairings for each pasta shape—cream sauces for shells, tomato for farfalle and pesto for fusilli. 

Package Features



The fabric is 100% organic linen. The texture of the fabric compliments the embroidery on the front perfectly and enhances the overall rustic look of the package. 


closing mechanism

Two pieces of measuring tape facing each other are sewn in the top of the bag to create this simple closing mechanism. When the pieces of tape are under tension the bag opens and when released the bag snaps shut, keeping the pasta fresh for longer.



The label is printed on cotton paper for its natural texture and it contains extra information about the type of pasta and its origin as well as nutritional facts.

product photography 

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